The honeymoon marks the beginning of your journey together as husband wife which is why it is important that you start it in the right way. My husband and I got married with a lot of fanfare and extravagance which is why we were looking for an affordable option for our honeymoon. Everyone suggested Goa or the local hill stations but both us wanted to go abroad. Our other concern was that my husband did not have a lot of holidays left so we needed to keep the trip short.

When we found out about Thai Trip’s 2 days Phi Phi Island package, we thought it was made especially for us! We could see all the incredible sites within the limited time frame. We took the late night flight to Thailand and were picked up by the assigned transport shortly after we landed. As we were travelling to the pier, we enjoyed the sun rise from the car window.

Day 1

Our first stop was the Koh Panak Island which comprises of a network of caves which are a breathtaking wonder of Mother Nature. You have to climb a little to see some of the caves and at that time in the morning, the water was glowing blue due to the sunlight entering cave through the opening. After sightseeing we enjoyed a romantic canoe ride at the Koh Hong Island. My hair flying in the sea breeze and the gorgeous view of all the islands made the ride even more memorable.

Soon afterwards, we arrived at James Bond Island which was nothing short of a paradise. A long-tailed boat showed us around the entire archipelago. It was an adventurous ride and we enjoyed seeing all the fishermen throwing their nets in the water and waiting for the catch of the day. Lunch was served early at the Koh Panyi fishing village and it was a sumptuous seafood dish that I tried for the first time.

The best thing about Phuket is that there are so many beaches and you can choose whichever you want to lounge and sunbathe at. And if you are the type of couple who always wants to be at their feet and immersed in activities then there are tons of sightseeing points and water sports offered at the island as well.

In the evening we checked in at our hotel on the Phi Phi Don Island and it was a fancy affair. They hotel staff knew we were honeymooners so they had specially decorated our room with rose petals and scented candles. The atmosphere was so cozy that my husband and I took a short and sweet nap.

After I woke up I was feeling a bit tired and since I had noticed a parlor offering 60-minute couples Thai massage, we went there. It was relaxing and sensuous beyond words. The aromatic smells and aphrodisiacs used by the masseuse were divine. The best part was that they were so economical, that we did not regret them at all!

A romantic candle-lit dinner was arranged by the management which included all the Thai specialties. I especially enjoyed their curries and noodles but I must warn you, they were a little spicy. The dinner was served with wine which went well the meal.

At night there was a special night show arranged for the tourists. It included the local entertainers performing mind blowing tricks with batons of fire. They danced to the music and mesmerized the crowd with their dangerous feats.

We were free to spend the night however we wanted so we decided to make the most of it and went club hopping. The nightlife on Phi Phi islands is very happening and there are several hot clubs in the area. We danced to our heart’s content while the DJ played the latest tracks. The drinks were a little expensive but because it was Happy Hour, we saved quite a lot of money.

Day 2

Soon after breakfast we geared up for a day full of activities. We visited the Koh Phi Phi Leh Island where we swam in the azure waters of the Pileh lagoon. The Viking Cave is the most popular cavern in that area and its limestone rock formations were beautiful. There are paintings on the walls of the cave it is the island where bird nests are harvested for traditional Chinese soup.

We then went to Monkey Beach which as the name suggests is home to many primates. We took some funny pictures of the creatures and they snatched the bag of chips from my husband’s hand while he was not looking. The beach is also the perfect spot for snorkeling which was the next activity on our itinerary. The water was so blue and clear and we got to see fishes and the reef up close. It was my first experience and the trainers guided me well.

We refueled at lunch time and then departed for the Bamboo Island for a few hours or frolic and fun. Those who wanted to relax could lie down on the beach and get a suntan however; we chose to go snorkeling again because the guide said this spot offers even more vivid colors and a variety of marine life. He was not wrong. My husband I went underwater together and it was an experience we both will never forget. Seeing the fishes swim past us and even taking some underwater pictures together in cute poses was the highlight of my day.

After we were transported back to Phuket we ended our trip by going to a secluded spot on the pier and watching the sunset over the serene waters. It was the perfect ending to an amazing honeymoon. There are so many memories we took back with us to India, some in the form of pictures and videos and others ingrained forever in our mind. Those two days felt like a lifetime and it gave me and my husband the perfect opportunity to bond and get close to each other.

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