Travelling is becoming more and more popular every day. Especially the tropical beaches of Thailand. There are many very remote islands within Thailand on which you can go on excursions to really see for yourself just how beautiful the remote beaches of Thailand are.

Is spending time in the sun on a beach, on a totally remote island something you want to do? I highly recommend it as some of the views you will see here really will leave you lost for words.

In particular, two remote islands stand out. These are the Phi Phi Island where the Leonardo Di Caprio film, the Beach, was filmed and also ‘James Bond Island’, where James Bond was filmed. A popular excursion company is Our company run two different trips and I will go into detail about them both.

One excursion is ‘Phi Phi and bamboo islands by speedboat’ and the other is ‘Overnight cruise to Phi Phi and James Bond Islands’. The first trip is only a 1-day trip, setting off in the morning and coming back in the evening, however, the with the latter you get to spend a night under the stars on Phi Phi Don island. This truly is an experience of a lifetime.

Trip One – Phi Phi and Bamboo Islands by speedboat

Transportation will pick you up between 8:30-9:30 am and take you to the pier where you will set of on your adventure. Before setting off a quick safety brief will be delivered by your tour guide. The trip will begin with the speedboat setting off at around 9:30 am, taking about an hour to get to the Phi Phi Archipelago. Arriving at the Phi Phi Don Island at around 10:30 you can explore, snorkel or see the monkeys at monkey beach. At 11:30 lunch will be served. After lunch, the next destination in Phi Phi Ley Island where you can see the beautiful Maya Bay. After a few hours on Phi Phi Ley, the next destination in Bamboo Island where you spend an hour enjoying the sun or swimming in the ocean. Leaving Bamboo Island and arriving back at the pier for 16:30 and getting back to your hotel around 30 minutes or so later.


  • Full day package
  • Pickup is a little later ranging from 8:30AM – 9:30AM
  • Lunch is included in the cost
  • Manage to see a lot using a quick speedboat
  • Visit the famous Maya Bay from the movie “The Beach”
  • Visit Bamboo Island
  • Enjoy sunbathing and swimming
  • Get back to your hotel in time for your evening meal

Trip two – Overnight cruise to Phi Phi and James Bond Islands

However, if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience then you really want to be booking the overnight trip (2-day trip). Transportation is also available on this trip but just a little earlier being at 06:50—7:30 am. A safety brief will also be delivered at around 8, setting off and arriving at Koh Panak for some sightseeing. Around half an hour or so later arrival at Koh Hong for some kayaking in the clear blue ocean waters. The next beautiful destinations are James Bond Islands and Gypsy village where you will have lunch. After lunch, you go to visit Princes Phra Nang’s Spirit Cave. A really great experience. From here to Phi Phi Don island to check into your hotel for the night, have some dinner and also enjoy a fire display. On day two you basically cover all the points of interest as the 1-day trip. So overall not only do you get to see all of the 1 day trips sights on the 2 day trip but you also get to visit Phang Nga Bay which includes seeing a Gypsy Village, kayaking in the crystal clear waters of the ocean, get to see one of the most beautiful beaches on the Western side of Thailand and to top all that off also get to go to James Bond Island, where some of an actual James Bond film was filmed. Now seeing James Bond Island alone is a big attraction that makes people want to do this trip. The one thing you do on the 1-day trip that you don’t on this trip is seeing Bamboo Island, however, given you do get to see the Phang Nga Bay, it’s well worth booking along for an extra day.


  • Early pick up for the morning lovers with transportation included
  • Enjoy sightseeing on Koh Panak
  • Kayak in the clear blue waters of Koh Hong
  • Visit the famous beach site of the James Bond movie
  • Lunch included at Gypse village
  • Visit the popular Phi Phi Don Island
  • Dinner and a fire show at your hotel
  • Visit the popular Phang Nga Bay
  • Lunch is included on the second day
  • Visit the famous Maya Bay from the movie “The Beach”
  • Enjoy sunbathing and swimming
  • Get back to your hotel in time for your evening meal

Both of these trips really are a must do depending on budget. Ideally, you want to pick the two-day trip. It really is the one to go for as it is a combination of two popular trips – and at only 4900 baht, its a bargain! This is an extremely valuable offer since both of these trips can be quite costly as separate excursions. However if that is not within your budget the one day trip is also good money for value at a mere 1900 baht.

Additionally both trips can pick up and drop off at some certain hotels so be sure to give them a call and make sure your hotel is on that list, if not make sure you can get transport arranged because paying for the trip then missing the boat would make a very bad day.

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